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Accessories for Suits – Things Every Man Should Know

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A Suit is one dress that fits perfectly in any event. At the same time, it is one of the most elegant costumes that add volume to your personality. However, with just the suit, you could feel something is missing. Even though you have the perfect attire for the evening, you feel there are other things that can be added to enhance the entire look.

That's where accessories come into play. Accessories are that aspect of a suit which isn't essential -- and yet can make an entire look go from nay to yay.

Choosing an Accessory

While we talk about accessories, the thoughts of various accessories for suits might be hovering around your mind and it should actually. Suits are one of the best things a man can carry with both style and suave and when you accessorize it the right way, you can get the look of the century. Here is why we are bringing you the guide to accessories for suits –

Pocket Squares

Most guys completely ignore the fact that pocket squares actually make your look in a suit complete. However, just like any ties, the pocket square too has to complement your suit and the right way to accessorize your pocket square with a suit is to match the tie. They come in various sizes and colors. However, if you want to show off your impeccable taste on clothing and accessories then push the boat out and choose a different pattern.


Suits without a tie are like a cup of tea without that favorite snack. It feels okay but it is still incomplete. Before you know how to accessorize your tie with your suit, let’s see what you need to avoid completely. The first and foremost thing s the prints that can ruin the look of your suit. Unless you are attending a costume party, avoid prints like – cartoon prints, or any ties that have more than three colors.

While choosing the right kind of tie for your suit, keep the color of your shirt, fit, cut, style and color of your suit, in mind. As ties can come in the pattern, woven, striped, or in solids, you can keep one thing in mind while choosing the right tie – with a striped suit, the tie should either be solid or woven.

However, if the suit is solid, always go for bold patterns or striped ties. One rule of thumb to keep in mind – make sure that the tie should not be wider than the widest part of your suit’s lapel.

Tie Bar

If you think that tie, pocket squares, and a watch is all you need to complement the look, then you are wrong. You also need something extra – the tie bar. Tie bars aren’t just a fun piece of accessories to give your look a sleek touch; it is much more than that. It is actually very practical and gives your tie the perfect look keeping it safe creasing.


Don’t know how to choose a tie bar? Well, match the color of the tie bar with your belt’s buckle, your pen, and your watch. One reminder – it should never be wider than your tie.


Cufflinks are those small details that can give a beautiful finishing touch with your suit. You should mix and match various cufflinks to see what suits you the best. But don't go overboard. It is still just an accessory.


Footwear is another aspect which impacts a lot to the whole look of a person. A black leather shoe is a perfect fit for any event is it casual or formal. It goes with any color of suits and hence a very diverse in nature. One exceptional case is, if you are wearing a black suit, then a brown leather shoe could make a perfect fit and hence it can express you in a much better way.

There's generally not much of a hard rule to this and you have to mix and match to see what suits you the best. You can always buy your favorite footwear using Myntra promo codes and get some discounts.

This is just a simple guide for accessories. Keep these in check and you are good to go! However, while buying such accessories, you need to keep the quality and the prices in mind. Not sporting an accessory is one thing, but sporting the wrong one is another.

Always remember that you are buying these accessories from a reputed shop. If you are purchasing these online, feel free to check out websites like Myntra.

Myntra is one of the best shopping websites nowadays which offers a range of options for everyone. Whether you are buying a necktie or cuff-links, it has them all. You can always use Myntra coupon codes and offers on all your orders and get extra discounts and cashback each time you make a purchase. Credit card bank offers and e-wallet excitements from Airtel Payments Bank make the online purchase of fashion products from top brands.

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