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Pet-Friendly Resorts in Kerala

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Do you always have to leave your furry family members behind while going on a family vacation? Are you planning to enjoy some days in Kerala, but worried about your pet? If the answer is yes, then worry not! We have come up with the list of the best pet-friendly resorts in Kerala. You can find some really amazing resorts for relaxing with your whole family. So, read on and leave all the worries behind and not your pets!

Ecotones Camps Munnar

Ecotones Camps is an exotic and pet-friendly resort in Muthuvankudi Sengulam, Munnar. This is a 3-star accommodation where you can stay with your pets as well. The pets are allowed to stay with you without any extra charges. So, you can enjoy your vacation without having to shell out an extra amount for your pet accommodation. The location is amazing with greenery all around.

Tea Valley Resort

It is also a 3-star pet-friendly resort that is located in a valley. You can enjoy the marvellous views of hills all around and enjoy playing with your furry pet as well. All the queries regarding the booking and accommodation details for the pets can be made at the reception before going. One of the major attractions here are the semi-detached cottages. You can also enjoy barbecues, internet facility and all the other important amenities.

Munnar Tea Country Resort

Munnar Tea Country Resort is a 4-star resort. It is also one of the most famous tourist resorts in Munnar that is also pet-friendly. You can stay with your pets in lavish accommodation. For the pet accommodation, you have to pay INR 1000 per night. If you want to take your pet inside your room, you have to book the premium valley view cottages only. Don’t worry over the budget and use the Cleartrip flight coupons for making some savings!

Wayanad Silverwoods

This place, called Wayanad Silverwoods is a 4-star resort stay in the Wayanad district. Offering an amazing stay with lots of nature all around, it is simply awesome. You can enjoy the surreal views of the Western Ghats and stay with your pets as well. There is ample space for playing and running as far as pets are concerned. The booking charges for pet accommodation can be confirmed over the calls.

Westwood Riverside Garden Resorts

Westwood Riverside Garden Resort is a 3-star tourist resort that is located in Munnar. You can stay with your pets and enjoy the scintillating views of hills all around. The place has many impressive lush green hills that offer amazing views. The bookings and booking charges can be confirmed by making calls to the reception counter.

Banasura Hill Resort

This resort is located in Wayanad which is an amazing tourist destination in Kerala. Banasura Hill Resort is a 4-star resort in Vellamunda. It is one of the best pet-friendly accommodations that you can find and stay at Wayanad. From the views of Banasura Hill to the vicinity of many other tourist destinations nearby, it is a smart option to consider. The area is vast and pets can easily play around the resort. Wayanad is home to some of the most amazing tourist attractions in Kerala. Hence, you should visit it for sure during your Kerala Trip. In fact, nature is so bountiful that you will not want to move ahead.

Rippon Mount Resorts

This resort is also located in the Wayanad district; exactly in Valathur. The place has received great reviews as well and provides excellent accommodation for the pets as well. There are many amazing facilities such as swimming pools, plantations and spice gardens. You can also take your pets along with you on walks. This is one place that you can consider for budget accommodation for your pets.


Munnar and Wayanad are the two most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. They are famous for offering the best nature resorts for tourists. You can book pleasant stays for an outing with families, friends and even office colleagues. Most of the resorts also provide local sightseeing packages and Kerala Ayurvedic Spa Services as well.

So, don’t think and grab the EaseMyTrip offers today to plan a relaxing vacation in the hills of Kerala.

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